Danielle Powell is a New York City-based marketing strategist, social media manager, and content creator for businesses in the food & drink industry.

doing her thing(s): eating | content creating | instagram-ing | cocktail-ing | campaigning for #JoseAndresForPresident after he returned from PR.

Danielle is the Social Media Editor at Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn, and provides freelance marketing strategy, social media management, and content creation services to a few brands in a freelance capacity.

She grew up in the suburbs of NYC with a tight-knit family that frequently gathered around food: Sunday pasta dinners, grilled summertime feasts, grad parties and Christmas Eves with crispy crackly roasted pig. Food has always been a means to connect, show love, and celebrate.

While studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship in college in Boston, Danielle got her first taste of using social media for business during an internship at a leading digital marketing agency. Since then, she’s gained experience working for companies of all sizes in various industries (see her LinkedIn for details). From 2016-18, she was StarChefs’ PR + Social Media Manager, and became well acquainted with the most progressive American restaurants & the national hospitality industry.

Now, Danielle is bringing it all home by offering her expertise in marketing to brands in the culinary / wine / spirits / food tech industries. Her overarching mission and intention is to support and collaborate with companies that aim to create a more sustainable food system. She cares deeply about food— from how it’s grown & harvested to how it’s prepared — and about human health (physical, spiritual, mental), and how it's all connected.